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Monday, November 24, 2008

California...Last Day!!!

Yikes!!! Vacation in California is almost over!!! It seemed to take forever for the time to come and now it is almost over.

We had our Fake Thanksgiving dinner last night. Both of Tom's kids, John and Jenna and Jenna's boyfriend, Cory, were here and Cindy's son, Cody, came down from Sacramento with a buddy of his. Cindy put on this massive feast that was yummy good. Today is Tom's 52nd birthday and Jenna will be coming back for dinner tonight. Poor Johnny got the flu that we have been dragging all over California with us last night. Poor kid. I think he was up most of the night and we had his electric heater in our room. I gave Tom hell for not waking us up and getting it for him. I think we need to buy him a case of beer or something for letting us hog the heater the last few days. California can be really chilly at night and a lot of the houses are on slabs so they don't install furnaces in the homes like we do. They really don't work very efficiently. Their furnace people and contractors really need to come to Michigan and see how it is done right.

We started packing yesterday and I think we are going to be able to get everything in our suitcases without a problem. Although Dianne seemed to pack way more than she needed. We have decided to check a second bag on the way back just so we have one less to deal with on the plane. I guess it is only a $25 charge because we bought the plane tickets in March.

I guess we are going to hit a few places today. Then we are going to have a birthday dinner for Tom and then heading back to the airport for our trip home. Dianne and I are anxious to see our pups and give them hugs and kisses.

So anyway, that is the rest of our trip. Hope you enjoyed the journey with me. I'll still be doing my crazy blog with my usual ramblings and musing so feel free to follow along if you like. Bye, bye for now.

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Toni K said...

How sad to be leaving, but the sisters will be so happy to see you again! What an awesome trip. Your cousin and his wife are the greatest! I love northern California. It is so beautiful. I lived ther this time of year, just south of SF. It does get cold at night, but I loved it anyway!