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Friday, October 31, 2008

Another Goofy Picture

So those of you that know and love me, know that I love dogs. Especially hunting dogs. This is one classic picture. A shout out to Rock for sending it to me and giving me the idea that it is a perfect blog picture. At least it is the perfect picture for my blog. LOL!!!

Here is a picture of my girls. The Pointer Sisters, Polly & Mabel. Polly is in the front and Mabel is behind her. They are the reason I go home every night. Mabel gives the best hugs and Pol Pol is just a goof. They are both rescues from the south where Pointers are just "huntin' dawgs" and if they don't hunt there is no sense keeping them. Polly came from Georgia with her back legs broken and Mabel came from Tennessee and had non contagious mange. They are happy and healthy now and are the best girls ever. We all share the love of country music. Especially Mabel since she came from the Nashville area. Hahahaha...I crack myself up!!!


Friday, October 24, 2008

Black Friday

So anyway, today was "Black Friday" at work today. They announced that they were cutting the hourly personnel down to 35 hours a week. Even though I transferred to a department that is salaried, my boss kept me hourly so I wouldn't have to pay towards my health insurance. (It's only about $10 per week. Much cheaper than losing five hours pay every week.) So I was kind of concerned because the rumors were flying about the hourly people having their hours cut. My boss called us all into the conference room and he started out by saying "We are all salaried here blah, blah, blah." And I asked, "even me". He told us that he had made me salaried a couple of weeks ago because he knew this was coming and he didn't want my hours cut. I asked him why I had still been getting time cards and turning them in and he said "I've just been throwing them away because I couldn't tell you yet." For some reason that struck me really funny. I try to look for the funny stuff in almost anything because right now there is not too much fun in my life. It will be fun in 21 days when I leave for California and Disneyland (The Happiest Place on Earth).

Spinning Teacup ride here I come!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

California Countdown--24 Days

So I know that everyone is as crazy excited as I am about me going to California. LMAO. It is only 24 days away. Not long at all. Soon I will be at the "Happiest Place on Earth" riding in the spinning teacups. For all of you out there that have not ridden in the spinning teacups it is a blast. There is a wheel in the middle of the teacups that you turn to go faster and faster making the teacup spin faster and faster until everything is a big blur. (Sometimes you are so dizzy you can hardly stand it and then you throw up.) So my cousin, Tom, was telling me that the way to successfully ride the teacups is to lock eyes with the person sitting across from you. That way you are not focusing on the spinning scenery racing by your face. I thought that was pretty neat and you would want to know that. You know what??? I feel like I am 17 again...the last time I went to Disneyland. A picture of the teacup ride is in my October 14th posting. I really cannot wait.

Friday, October 17, 2008

This Just In...

Wanted all my friends out there to see who will be on the next season of Dancing With The Stars.

Vote for Palin...She's Pretty!!!

California Countdown Continued...

So we are down to 28 days before we leave for California. I have so much to do before I go and it is like I am paralyzed when I get home and absolutely nothing gets done. I am really starting to get on my own nerves. Plus, I am worried about not having enough money to do everything I want to do out there. So I think I will open my "never-ending" garage sale again tomorrow and see if I can make a few dollars to throw towards the trip. I go downstairs or out to the garage or barn and see all the stuff I have and then when I turn out the lights the crap starts breeding and when I go back again it seems that there is twice as much stuff. I worry about not being able to downsize my stuff to fit in an apartment. It is really frustrating to be a pack rat. I so need a vacation!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Countdown to California I am down to 29 days before I fly out to California. I am crazy excited to see my cousin, Tom, and meet his wife, Cindy. My sister, Dianne, is going with me and we are going to have such a blast. Tom and Cindy are picking us up at the San Francisco airport and whisking us away to Anaheim to Disneyland (The Happiest Place on Earth)for 3 days, then back north to Napa for 2 days. After that, we are going to go back to their house and hit San Francisco for a day and go to Alcatraz. Plus we are going to do a "fake" Thanksgiving and celebrate Tom's birthday before we leave to come back home. I CANNOT WAIT!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

OMG...It spins and I'm a retard...

So for the squeamish, I suggest you look away and stop reading now. I have to tell you something...I have a good friend here at work that totally gets what a goofball I am. She sent me this picture and we both buffalo growled and did lots of scream laughing at it. So this is a shout out to Cindy for making me laugh like an idiot today. Here is her take on this picture:

New Years Eve party hat = $1.50
New Years Eve dinner party = $75.00
Taxi Cab home = $15.00
Discovering your party favor noise maker spins...PRICELESS!!!

At another time I will elaborate on my adventures with Cindy. I heart her!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wild Adventures

I don't know if any of you have noticed that my adventures are not really adventures or wild up to this date. I had to give my blog some snazzy title and I figured I would have some wild adventures when I go to California and Disneyland. Well at least I will have an adventure. LOL.

So some of you may not know how my mind really works. I am a little off bubble some times and think of things differently that others do. So here is one of my ramblings...

There is a neat little way to remember which side of a boat is the port and which is starboard. Here's the way to remember...the words "left" and "port" both have four letters in them. So if you think "port is on my left" it is an easy way to remember.

So I was talking to one of my friends over the phone and he said he could never remember whether Disneyland or Disneyworld is in California. So anyway I started to explain the "port and left" thing to him. Well then I started rambling about Disneyland being in the west and Disneyworld being in Florida which is south. He totally thought I was an idiot but we came across a better way to explain it. "West and Land" both have four letters in them. California is west. "World and South" both have five letters in them and Florida is in the south. Thank goodness Rock helped me figure this out so that I could say what I meant. Thanks for your help Rock.

So anyway, now that you have wasted a lot of time reading this, I hope you all learned something. LOL...

Spinning Teacup Ride here I come!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008


Well, I went to Cranefest on Saturday and it was amazing. There are approximately 1000 acres that are in a nature preserve just north of Battle Creek called Baker Sanctuary. They created a huge marsh to keep the Sand Hill Cranes coming back. There were probably 5000 or more coming into the marsh around sunset. They have the coolest little call. If I could spell it, I would, but I can't. We learned a lot of tidbits about the cranes. They are approximately 5 feet tall and only weigh 12#. They don't have any nerve endings in their legs so they don't feel the cold water and they have been carbon dated to 60 million years ago. Fascinating creatures. There was also a "Birds of Prey" exhibit, a huge tortoise and we got to touch a baby Black Rat snake. Anyway, it was quite a drive but well worth it. We left the DeGraff Nature Center in Holland at 1 p.m. and got back to Holland about 9 p.m. Cranefest also has an art festival for 2 days in October at the Kiwanis Club that adjoins Baker Sanctuary. The rest of the month of October you can come and enjoy the cranes without the crowds. Sorry, I did not get any pictures but they were just too far away. We did go on a mile long nature hike that was very interesting but it was also very hot and I was a hot mess.

Now for the disturbing part of the trip...there were a lot of "granola heads" at Cranefest. For a few moments it almost seemed like we were at a "Freakfest". The temps were up in the 80's and there was a young fashionista there that had on a "sweaterdress", tights, and UGG boots that was trying to keep a toddler in line. I was hot just looking at her. There was also a lot of dogs there. There was one rather portly fellow that had a Miniature Pinscher that barked continually. I know that this particular breed is known for barking, but why would you bring a barker to one of these events? The portly fellow seemed oblivious to the whole thing. I am sure he hears so much barking on a regular basis that it is totally tuned out. However, I could not tune it out. And then there was a brother and sister couple that were kind of weird. Poor could read through his t-shirt and he never shut up about anything. His sister, Wanda, had just huge boobs and they sagged down to her waist. It was frightening. I just hope that someone will mention to me when I need a new bra to give some support to the girls. LOL.

Well I guess that is enough for now.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


So today I am off to Battle Creek with Margaret. Margaret is a long lost cousin I never knew I had until I started working with her a couple of years ago. We have become big buds and she invited me (actually I kind of invited myself) to go on a field trip with DeGraff Nature Center in Holland. The Sand Hill Cranes are migrating and there are supposed to be 5000 of them in Battle Creek this weekend. So if they are there and I get any good pictures, I will try to figure out how to post a picture to my blog tomorrow. I have seen a couple of Sand Hills here at home in the spring and they are huge. I cannot imagine what 5000 of them will look like. It is going to be awesome. So anyway, I was telling my sister about the cranes and she wanted to know how they knew to be in Battle Creek today. We decided that they must have made reservations. LOL!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So while trying to figure this posting thing out, I posted the same thing twice. Nice. Sorry you have to read such dribble twice.


Another Day

So anyway, today I will try to amuse you with my day yesterday. I fired my realtor because she is a stupid jerk, she did nothing to try and sell my house and stood me up on two consecutive appointments. I fired her through the magic of email and she just went off on me. She said that she wanted out of the contract the second week she was in it, that I was hard to work with, and she only listed my house as favor to her husband. GET OUT!!! I thought it was for the potential of a $25,000 paycheck.

Anyway, I had to bum drugs off a co-worker to simmer me down yesterday and then I went home and stamped like a maniac. I stamped three months worth of my 2009 calendar and almost completely colored a fourth month. Let me tell you, stamping and coloring are great therapy. I stayed up until 10 p.m. coloring and watching the first show of the new season of Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe. He is much hotter than McCain and Obama so I was glad I missed the debate. LOL.

So anyway, another chapter in my life. Pretty pitiful, huh?

Another Day in the Life of Bev

Okay, so today I will amuse you with the trials and tribulations of trying to sell a nice house on 10 acres in this economy. It just does not work. So I fired my realtor yesterday just because she is a stupid jerk and she didn't do anything for me and stood me up on two consecutive appointments. Anyway, I fired her through the magic of email and she just went off on me and made it sound like the reason the house didn't sell was all my fault and she wanted out of the contract the second week but she had listed my house as a favor to her husband. GET OUT!!! She called me and solicited me for my business. Why in the world would she being doing this as a favor to her husband when it could result in a $25,000 paycheck.

Anyway, I was so upset the rest of the day that I went home and stamped like a maniac on my 2009 calendars. I got three months stamped and a fourth month almost completely colored. Let me tell you, coloring and stamping is great therapy. I felt so much better after that. I colored until Dirty Jobs was over at 10 p.m. After all it is the new season of Dirty Jobs and Mike Rowe is such a hotty, I couldn't go to bed before that.

So there you have it...another day in the life of Bev. Pitiful isn't it? LOL!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

I am not exactly computer savvy, so this may be the crappiest blog you will ever read. But bear with me. I am going to California in 39 days and I know you will want to be there with me for every thrilling moment.

Bev's Wild Adventures

I'm a Pointer Mom, stamper, scrapbooker and history buff. My dogs are my great joy.