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Thursday, October 7, 2010


Not much new today, my friends. I had a bout of anal glaucoma this morning where I really couldn't see my ass going to work. But I decided to go in anyway. Unfortunately my left contact was inside out when I put it in so I could hardly see and could hardly keep my eye open. So until about 9am when I went and yanked it out of my eye I just couldn't get with the program. WTH am I talking about. I couldn't get with the program all damn day. You know how you reach a certain point of the day and you know that you just won't get much more done at work? Well that hit me about 8am.

But I got through the day. Looked at the crap on my desk trying to decide what I should pack up so I don't have too much to take home if we close down and decided I don't have too much left that I have to take except for my picture of Wyatt Earp, Lawdog, and my pencil cup and paperclip holder. Oh yeah and my dog a day calendar. That's about all I have left that I want to take with me.

Countdown to Denver is 40 days!!! YAY!!! Can't wait. Okay I gotta go now and check out my girlfriend, Deb's, real estate website to see what's new in the condo community in Denver. See ya soon!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010


Okay...the countdown continues at 44 days. As I mentioned yesterday, my sister and I are heading out to Denver next month. Cannot wait. I need a vacation. Could be a permanent vacation if the Teamsters don't vote in the "new" contract for YRC and save our asses.

So anyway, YRC, the parent company of Holland, have negotiated a five year deal with the Teamsters. The Teamster rank & file would be giving up just a shit load in concessions that many guys and gals have stood on picket lines for over the years. Sad, so sad. What makes me mad are the people in the ivory tower that thinks the company's woes are soley the result of the Teamsters. HELLO!!! People if it were not for unions, we would not be making the money we make or have the benefits we have now. Of course, now with the economy the way it is and the younger generation thinking they don't need unions, things are in the crapper. Well anyway, I kind of strayed from the reason for this rant. Our leader, Mr. Jeff Rogers, had a town hall meeting this afternoon to explain how the CEO of YRC, Mr. Bill Zollars is retiring (part of the union negotiations) and how we need the Teamsters to vote "yes" for the contract or we will be done and we will all be out of jobs. So when Mr. Rogers started at Holland, I roughly introduced myself at a town hall meeting. I asked him something about "What happens if YRC goes into the crapper. Will they cut us loose before they flush?" Needless to say, this one question made it's way to many of the terminals. Very funny. Very, very funny. Today, when Mr. Rogers asked for any questions, I raised my hand. He looked at me for a split second before he asked my question. I decided to play nice, so I simply asked "when is the vote?". After the meeting, my boss asked me what kind of chaos I stirred up in the meeting. (He knows me pretty well.) I said that I only asked one question about the vote. Then here comes Mr. Rogers down the cubicle hallway. Louie kind of called him into the cube and I confessed there were really two questions I wanted to ask. He said "what was the other question?" So I said "How much was Mr. Zollar's good-bye bonus?" He said "A lot." So I pushed it further "like over $7M?" He said "Yes, but that's gross." DUH...your damn right it's GROSS that the guy that has mismanged YRC for the last 14 years is only getting $7M gross. Like gross or net really makes much difference when you are getting something in the millions.

So that is my funny story for the day. Hope you enjoyed it!!! Stay tuned for more. I can foresee many new adventures in my near, near future.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


So, Bev's Wild Adventures are fixin' to commence again. This time the destination is Denver, Colorado. Well actually my sister, Dianne, and I will be visiting my cousin that we visited in San Francisco two years ago. Only now, Tom and Cindy live in Centennial, Colorado. They moved a year ago September and they both love it there.

I formulated a plan a year ago for moving to Denver when YRC finishes kicking the crap out of us. So while we are out there, we are going to hook up with one of my best friends, Deb, who is in real estate. We want to check out the area so we can decide what area of Denver we want to relocate to when we do move. My sister is thinking about Golden,CO, as a possible location. She said if we don't have a mountain view, she is going to insist that we take a trip to Nepal to see Mt. Everest. I think a mountain view in the states would be a whole lot easier. (Please Debbie, find a place with a mountain view.)

Right now we are at 45 days and counting!!! Time is ticking away. I can't wait!!!