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Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Friend

I have a new friend at the apartment complex! Her name is Jane and she has a darling little long haired doxie named Sophie. I met her Tuesday as we were walking our girls and we walked around the complex together talking. She stopped over today and we walked our girls again. She told me that she had stopped at the office asking if anyone was looking for a work out partner. I told her, "YA...ME. I'll work out with you." So at some point we are going to start using the gym that we have here. She is a nice gal that had a jerk of an ex-husband. Kind of glad to have a new friend in this city. Although I have friends at work, I really don't do that much with them during the week. Plus if it means I will have a work out partner too...all the better!!!

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Toni K said...

Yay Bevie! You can never have too many friends!