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Sunday, October 3, 2010


So, Bev's Wild Adventures are fixin' to commence again. This time the destination is Denver, Colorado. Well actually my sister, Dianne, and I will be visiting my cousin that we visited in San Francisco two years ago. Only now, Tom and Cindy live in Centennial, Colorado. They moved a year ago September and they both love it there.

I formulated a plan a year ago for moving to Denver when YRC finishes kicking the crap out of us. So while we are out there, we are going to hook up with one of my best friends, Deb, who is in real estate. We want to check out the area so we can decide what area of Denver we want to relocate to when we do move. My sister is thinking about Golden,CO, as a possible location. She said if we don't have a mountain view, she is going to insist that we take a trip to Nepal to see Mt. Everest. I think a mountain view in the states would be a whole lot easier. (Please Debbie, find a place with a mountain view.)

Right now we are at 45 days and counting!!! Time is ticking away. I can't wait!!!


Stampvanwinkle said...

Okay now my dear friend, we talked about this the other day. Denver is a great place to visit but you have to move to "NEW DENVER". Remember???? Don't make me come over there. I have friends and we can be very persuasive if we have to. :)

Toni K said...

I have rope and duct tape, and I'm not afraid to use them!