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Thursday, October 7, 2010


Not much new today, my friends. I had a bout of anal glaucoma this morning where I really couldn't see my ass going to work. But I decided to go in anyway. Unfortunately my left contact was inside out when I put it in so I could hardly see and could hardly keep my eye open. So until about 9am when I went and yanked it out of my eye I just couldn't get with the program. WTH am I talking about. I couldn't get with the program all damn day. You know how you reach a certain point of the day and you know that you just won't get much more done at work? Well that hit me about 8am.

But I got through the day. Looked at the crap on my desk trying to decide what I should pack up so I don't have too much to take home if we close down and decided I don't have too much left that I have to take except for my picture of Wyatt Earp, Lawdog, and my pencil cup and paperclip holder. Oh yeah and my dog a day calendar. That's about all I have left that I want to take with me.

Countdown to Denver is 40 days!!! YAY!!! Can't wait. Okay I gotta go now and check out my girlfriend, Deb's, real estate website to see what's new in the condo community in Denver. See ya soon!!!


Toni K said...

Boo Denver! Believe it or not sometimes I get a case of anal glaucoma at home! I can't see my ass getting any work done here either!

Stampvanwinkle said...

Bevie, are you using the D word again? We talked about this. REMEMBER!!!! :)