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Monday, November 22, 2010


Yesterday we took a ride to the old mining towns of Black Hawk and Central City which are now casino towns.  It's really kind of a shame that they have ruined the character of these quaint old towns.  But anyway, we had a good time at the casino for a couple of hours.   Then my sister and I shot our winnings on some beautiful CZ rings.  After the ride to the casino, we were going to meet up with my friends, Debbie and Gordy, at Edgewater Pizza and then spend a few days with them.  So on the way  back we decided to take a turn and head to Idaho Springs.  As we were cruising along, we were going around a curve in the mountains and all of a sudden the traffic stopped.  We are all wondering "WTH???" and I looked out the window and saw a sheep's ass in the window.  I yelled "SHEEP"!!!  Cindy told Tom to flip a U-turn so that we could stop and take these pictures.  We thought at first that there were only four or five sheep by the road but the more we looked the more we saw.  Then low and behold, this big ram came down the mountain to round up his girls.  What a great opportunity to see wildlife up close.

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Toni K said...

Must have been his ho's. He's gotta keep 'em in line ya know.