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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Just because I didn't know what to title this post I just titled it Ponderings. Actually I am going to be going back thru my blogs when I write my memoirs: The Year of the Frozen Pizza.

So here are some of my thoughts for today 1/11/11:

You know that Geico commercial where the drill sergeant makes a terrible therapist? The guy on the couch says "and that's why yellow makes me sad." I'm wondering if he is talking about YRC. They make me sad too.

I'm kind of a hoarder but I don't understand why someone that doesn't throw out their trash is considered a hoarder and not just lazy. I mean I am totally hooked on Hoarders on A&E but so many of them just appear lazy to me. Who wants stinky trash crapping up their house. Apparently some people have no sense of smell because a lot of those lazy people have TONS of just trash that they didn't want to take out and throw away. Don't even get me started on the people that let their animals crap all over the house and don't clean it up. It's crazy I tell you. Just crazy!!!

The crazy bastard that shot the senator and all the other people at the Safeway in Tucson looks really crazy. Did the parents have no idea he was a whack job? Oh wait they said on the news that they knew he had problems just didn't realize he had spiraled that far down. Ummmm..what about the little shrine with the skull in the back yard. HELLO...I don't mean to be critical of them, but when Steve was acting crazy and different I knew something was going on.

Okay...enough rants or ponderings from me. Happy 1/11/11 to everyone.

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Toni K said...

I agree Bevie! The trashy hoarders are freakin' crazy, and lazy! I'm lazy, but animal crap? I'll never be that lazy. If I am, just shoot me. And that guy is totally out there. There were definitely signs that the lights were on but no one was home.