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Saturday, February 26, 2011

February Greetings!!!

Hello to all my friends out there!!!

Well it's February and I'm officially another year older. Older than dirt that is. Had a great day on my birthday. I had jury duty and I knew because it was my birthday I would get picked for a trial and sure enough...I did. I have to go back to court on March 15th for trial. Oh well another day off from work.

After jury duty, I went to my friend, Deb's, house and she gave me a haircut and then we went to the scrapbook store and hung out and bought paper for cards because neither one of us has any paper. LMAO!!!

It was fun hanging out with one of my best buds on my birthday. After I got home, I made seven cards. Yeah baby!!! That's what I'm talking about!!!

So I know that none of you ever get tired of hearing about my dogs, Polly and Mabel. Well those of you that know Mabel, knows she has a skin condition and her favorite pastime is scratching. Scratching her ears, her shoulders and her neck. She has a patch on her neck that is really nasty. But anyway, I was watching Dr. Oz about a month ago and he had a little segment on about the benefits of coconut oil. They said it has great properties for helping with skin conditions. It does all kinds of wonderful things for eczema and scoricis (excuse the spelling) and you can use it as a topical ointment or internally. So I started giving it to my little Mabel and I think she is having some favorable results. It's slow but I think it is helping. Today while I was walking them, I ran into a neighbor that I have not seen in about a month. The first thing she said was that Mabel was looking so much better. That made me feel really good. It gives me a little bit of hope for my baby.

Well that is all for now. I will be back soon.


Toni K said...

First of all, happy birthday!!! I'm glad you had a good one :)
And I'm so glad Mabel is a little better, poor baby. Love you!!!

Stampvanwinkle said...

Hi girlie,
I had fun sharing you B-day with you.
Give the girls a hug from me.

Love you