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Friday, July 22, 2011

Hello Friends!!!

Hello my faithful followers. It's been a while since I entered a post. It's been a really hot week here and every where else too. It's almost like we have been living on the f'ing sun this past week. Of course, in Michigan that also means humidity up the wahzoo. It's been a week of 90+ degrees but the heat index has made it over a 100 most of the week. Today it finally rained for most of the morning which was really nice. We needed it. It's been so hot, I havent even walked my girls this week. But I don't think they minded too much.

So speaking of my girls, Mabel has a little bit of an issue with health related problems. She has non contagious mange that causes an auto immune deficiency. She has battled this her whole life and it causes her to be very itchy. We were finally getting that under control and last year she started really going overboard on the itching. She has a big bald crappy looking patch on the back of her neck and her shoulders are pretty bad too. I think she might have an allergy issue with the carpet here or something. Well because she does so much itching, she tends to "preen" herself with her teeth. Well little Mabs has an underbite and in February I noticed a gray patch behind her bottom teeth. It was spongy and looked bad and I was afraid she was rotting from the inside out. So of course I took her to the vet. They took her in the back room and when they came back with Mabel the vet also had a ucky gray patch on a napkin. Turns out it was matted hair woven between her teeth. So anyway, I've been checking her mouth every month to clean out whatever hair is stuck between her teeth. This past Saturday I looked and saw some hair to get out of there and kind of picked it out. Well she was licking a lot so I figured there was some hair that I didn't get and she was trying to spit it out. Sunday night she started licking again like she was on Saturday. I figured I better check it out and it turns out that one of her front teeth on the bottom was really loose. I tried to get ahold of the tooth but I couldn't with my fingers so I went to my stamp room and got a pair of hemastats, poured some alcohol on them and then grabbed hold of the tooth. It came right out but it kind of freaked me out because of all of Mabel's health issues. So I took her to the vet on Monday to make sure she didn't have an infection or anything. She didn't but now whenever she smiles at me, she looks so funny. I know I will learn to love her new smile as much as I did her old smile. She is my sweet Mabel after all.


Toni K said...

Poor girl! She's been through so much! You are the best "mommy" to her. She's lucky you are the one who found her :) Miss you!

River Reed said...

Oh poor Mabel! Give her a hug from Uncle Brad and Aunt Lorrie and tell her River will always love her!