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Friday, October 24, 2008

Black Friday

So anyway, today was "Black Friday" at work today. They announced that they were cutting the hourly personnel down to 35 hours a week. Even though I transferred to a department that is salaried, my boss kept me hourly so I wouldn't have to pay towards my health insurance. (It's only about $10 per week. Much cheaper than losing five hours pay every week.) So I was kind of concerned because the rumors were flying about the hourly people having their hours cut. My boss called us all into the conference room and he started out by saying "We are all salaried here blah, blah, blah." And I asked, "even me". He told us that he had made me salaried a couple of weeks ago because he knew this was coming and he didn't want my hours cut. I asked him why I had still been getting time cards and turning them in and he said "I've just been throwing them away because I couldn't tell you yet." For some reason that struck me really funny. I try to look for the funny stuff in almost anything because right now there is not too much fun in my life. It will be fun in 21 days when I leave for California and Disneyland (The Happiest Place on Earth).

Spinning Teacup ride here I come!!!


Toni K said...

I'm glad it worked out for you! I'm so happy for you to get out of town and go to the happiest place on earth!

Stampvanwinkle said...

Hi Bevie,

Whew! So glad that your boss was thinking of you. I bet you can't wait to go away. When you get back we have to spend some time with Riley. :)