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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

California Countdown--24 Days

So I know that everyone is as crazy excited as I am about me going to California. LMAO. It is only 24 days away. Not long at all. Soon I will be at the "Happiest Place on Earth" riding in the spinning teacups. For all of you out there that have not ridden in the spinning teacups it is a blast. There is a wheel in the middle of the teacups that you turn to go faster and faster making the teacup spin faster and faster until everything is a big blur. (Sometimes you are so dizzy you can hardly stand it and then you throw up.) So my cousin, Tom, was telling me that the way to successfully ride the teacups is to lock eyes with the person sitting across from you. That way you are not focusing on the spinning scenery racing by your face. I thought that was pretty neat and you would want to know that. You know what??? I feel like I am 17 again...the last time I went to Disneyland. A picture of the teacup ride is in my October 14th posting. I really cannot wait.

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Toni K said...

I rally AM as excited as you are I think. I love everything Disney and I'm so happy for you!