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Monday, October 13, 2008


Well, I went to Cranefest on Saturday and it was amazing. There are approximately 1000 acres that are in a nature preserve just north of Battle Creek called Baker Sanctuary. They created a huge marsh to keep the Sand Hill Cranes coming back. There were probably 5000 or more coming into the marsh around sunset. They have the coolest little call. If I could spell it, I would, but I can't. We learned a lot of tidbits about the cranes. They are approximately 5 feet tall and only weigh 12#. They don't have any nerve endings in their legs so they don't feel the cold water and they have been carbon dated to 60 million years ago. Fascinating creatures. There was also a "Birds of Prey" exhibit, a huge tortoise and we got to touch a baby Black Rat snake. Anyway, it was quite a drive but well worth it. We left the DeGraff Nature Center in Holland at 1 p.m. and got back to Holland about 9 p.m. Cranefest also has an art festival for 2 days in October at the Kiwanis Club that adjoins Baker Sanctuary. The rest of the month of October you can come and enjoy the cranes without the crowds. Sorry, I did not get any pictures but they were just too far away. We did go on a mile long nature hike that was very interesting but it was also very hot and I was a hot mess.

Now for the disturbing part of the trip...there were a lot of "granola heads" at Cranefest. For a few moments it almost seemed like we were at a "Freakfest". The temps were up in the 80's and there was a young fashionista there that had on a "sweaterdress", tights, and UGG boots that was trying to keep a toddler in line. I was hot just looking at her. There was also a lot of dogs there. There was one rather portly fellow that had a Miniature Pinscher that barked continually. I know that this particular breed is known for barking, but why would you bring a barker to one of these events? The portly fellow seemed oblivious to the whole thing. I am sure he hears so much barking on a regular basis that it is totally tuned out. However, I could not tune it out. And then there was a brother and sister couple that were kind of weird. Poor could read through his t-shirt and he never shut up about anything. His sister, Wanda, had just huge boobs and they sagged down to her waist. It was frightening. I just hope that someone will mention to me when I need a new bra to give some support to the girls. LOL.

Well I guess that is enough for now.

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Toni K said...

Oh my Gosh Bevvie! You can always make me laugh out loud, even on the computer! I could just picture these people. Wow! I bet you had fun just looking at them. I love it that you have a blog!