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Saturday, October 11, 2008


So today I am off to Battle Creek with Margaret. Margaret is a long lost cousin I never knew I had until I started working with her a couple of years ago. We have become big buds and she invited me (actually I kind of invited myself) to go on a field trip with DeGraff Nature Center in Holland. The Sand Hill Cranes are migrating and there are supposed to be 5000 of them in Battle Creek this weekend. So if they are there and I get any good pictures, I will try to figure out how to post a picture to my blog tomorrow. I have seen a couple of Sand Hills here at home in the spring and they are huge. I cannot imagine what 5000 of them will look like. It is going to be awesome. So anyway, I was telling my sister about the cranes and she wanted to know how they knew to be in Battle Creek today. We decided that they must have made reservations. LOL!!!


Toni K said...

I hope you got to see the cranes, all 5000 of them.

amieras said...

How were they???