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Sunday, November 9, 2008

California Countdown

So here is my entry for my five day countdown to California. We received the five day countdown from the Countdown Guru in California this morning. Every 10 days or so, my cousin, Tom, becomes the "Countdown Guru" and his wife, Cindy, becomes the "Countdown Fairy". They sent us just an awesome countdown today. They always include pictures and fun facts about Disneyland. In five days the four of us will be experiencing the "Happiest Place on Earth" together. Tom and Cindy have been to Disneyland numerous times and they know the ins and outs of the place. Tom said in his email today (and I quote) "WELL WELL WELL 5 DAYS LEFT. GET CRACKIN AND START PACKIN!" I started packing last night. I am so excited. If I was a dog, my tail would be wagging so hard that my butt would not be able to keep up with it.

In the countdown pictures today, Tom included a Disney blast from the past about Bear Valley Jamboree. That was one of my favorite attractions the last time I went to Disneyland when I was 17. According to his email, the attraction was run out of town by some other bear named Pooh. What a crock... But I guess Bear Valley Jamboree can still be seen at Disneyworld. You know what this means??? The four of us will have to plan a trip to Florida. YAY!!!

Now for the picture on today's post...this was my folks, my sister, and me. We stopped at the neighbor's house before we left for California on June 6, 1962. I am standing in front of my Dad and my sister is standing next to me. I told her that I particularily liked the look of the skirt and ankle socks pulled up half way up to her knees. (Doesn't she look stunning??? Kind of bigger version of my Mom.) I wanted her to recreate the look 46 years later but she said she would only do it if I would join her with the same fashion statement. I think Tom replied that he would pretend not to know us at the airport and leave us there. LOL!!!


Tom Nickel said...

Hey Bev,
Hell yeah I did say I would leave ya at the arport and I still will. Keep those outfits in Michigan this time OK? Thanks we appreciate it.

Toni K said...

Oh Bev I'm so excited for you! Love this picture. Boy your Mom was short!