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Friday, November 7, 2008


So anyway, I am fixated with OZ. I don't know when this happened. Maybe it is because my girls (The Pointer Sisters) came from a rescue organization called Pointers from OZ. Another thing I am wondering is if Oz is in Afghanistan. Poppies are a huge crop in Afghanistan to produce heroin. Dorothy fell asleep in the poppy field so that is kind of why I think Oz may be in Afghanistan. Plus have you seen the commercial for US Goverment website. When Dorothy tells the Wizard she wants to go back to Kansas, he types in "passport." So it just goes to show that Oz cannot be in the US if she needs a passport to get back to Kansas. Just some ramblings for you to think about. Sometimes when I tell people what I am really thinking about it, they find it disturbing and they look at me like "WTH???" If you agree with them or with me, let me know. I would love to hear your views. I know I am a little off bubble, but I would like to know really how much off bubble I am. LMAO!!!

I know you are all probably as disappointed as I am that Mr. Obama will not be appearing in the next season of Dancing with the Stars (see the picture on the October 17th posting.) He probably won't be appearing in the remake of The Wizard of Oz either, but at least Palin and McCain will have good parts in the show. LOL. Maybe after they star in The Wizard of Oz they will do a remake of the Maverick movie. I just love it that Sarah and John are so mavericky!!! LMAO...I cracked myself up again.

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Toni K said...

You crack me up too! I agree that Oz is probably in Afghanistan. I totally get your logic (is that scary). Love the picture!