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Saturday, November 15, 2008

California...We're Here!!!

Greetings from California!!! It is officially our first full day in California. It is before 7am and we are eating breakfast at our hotel waiting for "the Happiest Place on Earth" to open. We don't have long to wait now!!! So after flying into San Francisco and Tom and Cindy picking us up at the airport, we began the journey to Anaheim. It took us about 7 hours to get down here with a beautiful drive down Mickey's favorite highway...HWY 5. We were planning on going to Downtown Disney last night but Dianne and I kind of pooped out early from all the traveling. Actually it wasn't that early for us. It was about 2 am est.

It is sunny and hot here already today. There is a huge fire going on in the L.A. area that we were watching on the news last night. The news told us not to panic and it appears that Disney is safe. So we are set to go and cannot wait. Tom and Cindy surprised us with some friggin awesome t-shirts that a friend of theirs airbrushed. Dianne got a shirt with Pirate Mickey on it. My shirt has Goofy, Tom's is Grumpy and Cindy's is Tink. We are all wearing them today and we are going to be the talk of the place, let me tell you. I hope to have a picture of us taken today wearing them so I can download it tomorrow.

So anyway...bye bye for now. I will report back later with a Disney update.

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Toni K said...

Yaaaaayyyyy! Glad to know you made it safely! Have an awesome time!