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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Disney - Day 1

Boy did we spend a fun filled day at Disneyland yesterday. We got up early and had breakfast at the motel before we took off and we were waiting at the gate at 8 a.m. for it to open. When we got up to the gate, we were pleasantly suprised because the whole park had been decorated for Christmas. They didn't turn all the lights on last night but at least we got to see it decorated. When we got to the park at 8 a.m. it was beautiful sunny day and about 80 degrees. I got some awesome pictures with the Matterhorn and the castle with a beautiful blue sky behind it. At some point (I think it was about 11 a.m.) we started noticing a smokey smell and ash and soot falling from the sky from the wildfires that are in the area. The sky was getting darker and a strange shade of brown as the wind blew the ash clouds closer to Anaheim. It certainly was different. Because of the winds they cancelled the fireworks show last night.

When we got in the gate, Dianne and Cindy both rented motorized carts to zip around in. One thing about Disneyland is that it was built before handicapped accessable was really an issue so if you have a wheelchair or a cart or a handicap card, you can go into the exits and avoid the long lines. Tom rented the cart for Cindy and while they were getting the carts, Cindy and I made a mad dash for Space Mountain and got on right away. I was a little apprehensive about it because I had ridden on it before and it scared the crap out of me then. But it was much more enjoyable this time although I did a lot of screaming and felt a sore throat coming on after that. We pretty much knocked out the rides in Tomorrowland in a couple of hours and headed out to ride the Spinning Teacups. It was hella fun and Dianne and I thought we were spinning really, really fast. Tom said we weren't. Just normal fast. We took in most of the rides around Storybookland after that and then headed out in search of lunch. We went to a pretty nice restaurant called the "Blue Bayou". It was pricey but good. You know what I'm talking about when I say menu and poor lighting so you can't read it. The food was good and Tom and Cindy said that is very hard to just walk up and get into this restaurant. Actually this restaurant is visible from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride which we took in after we ate. So we did some more rides like the Haunted Mansion, Matterhorn, and Splash Mountain. Some where in there, I lost my phone. What a dumbass...what did I need it for anyway. About 2 p.m. we decided to come back to the room to rest to go back at night. We went back about 7:30 and spent the rest of the night there. We were lucky that we got to see the Fantasmic show at 10:30 because they had cancelled the previous shows due to the high winds.

Okay, so the carts really made the park so much more enjoyable. We are all pretty much sick, lame, or lazy, and we did take turns driving the carts around. The strange thing was that I felt a lot like my mom driving that thing around so I was glad my sister had rented it and she had control of it. Although, I gotta say, she reminded me of my mom a lot in that thing. LMAO!!! Tom is really too tall to be comfortable in one of these carts so we mostly followed the cart drivers to wherever we were going. But it was awesome to be apart of the "handicapped" party to get into the rides quicker. We probably rode on 20-25 rides and it was really not very crowded until we came back at night. Then it was a frickin' madhouse for our cart people. Actually it was kind of madhouse for us walkers too. Oh yeah, here is the other great thing about renting the cart. It is yours for the day. If you are leaving and coming back later, you just park it and take the key with you. You come back and it is there for you. Frickin' Awesome!!!

So anyway, come back tomorrow for Disney - Day 2 if I din't bore the crap out of you on day one. Har, har, har!!! (Pirate laugh). Bye for now.


Stampvanwinkle said...

Hi Bevie, It sounds like you all are having a blast. What did Tom think of his gift? I am thinking of you. It snowed here yesterday and today is cold and cloudy. Soak up the sun sweetie and have a great time.

Toni K said...

OMG! Yay! I'm so glad you're having fun! When we go anywhere with my sister and her hubby we always get to go ahead in line! I love it.
Think of us here is the friggin' cold. Have more fun!