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Thursday, December 18, 2008

WOW...Did you miss me?

Okay...I cannot believe that my last post was on November 30th. I have so much to do with the Christmas season and have not gotten anything done. I haven't been on my computer at home in a long time. I come home exhausted, eat dinner, watch The Young and the Restless, play with the dogs and watch some more TV for about an hour and go to bed. I'm usually sleeping by 9:10. I think I have some kind of post-vacation funk going on. No ambition or interest in anything. No Christmas tree yet and the house is a mess. I have to make our "food day" treat for work tomorrow, but I have already warned people that if we get the snow they are predicting for us that I won't be in tomorrow. They are saying we are supposed to be getting 6-12 inches after midnight tonight with the possibility of 1-2 inches an hour. YIPPEE!!! I hate frickin' winter and I hate driving around in this frickin' snow. So there, the crabby side of my has come out on my blog. Sorry about that. It sucks driving 45 miles one way in this crap. I stopped by my friend Cindy's house on my way home last night and visited with her and her boyfriend and his Boxer for about an hour last night. Since I was late getting home to let my girls outside, I was driving a little faster than usual and hit a slick spot and almost went into the ditch on one of the country roads by my house. My asshole puckered up and my whole body got white hot instantly. So anyway, since I don't have a tree up yet, I thought I would post a picture of a Christmas tree from Christmas past. We had a tree like this for many years. Yeah baby...those are some good memories.


Tom Nickel said...

I love you positive side LOL I think you need a vacation to the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH! Or just come and visit.

Toni K said...

You rock girl! You always make me laugh, even if it was at your expense. I'm sorry you aren't feeling Christmasy. It's harder when you have more crap to deal with. I hear ya sister! Do I have some stories for you!
I hope you didn't go to work today. I'm not, and I don't have 45 minutes to drive.