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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

WOW...Has it been almost a month already?

So can you believe it has been almost a month since I updated this crazy blog of mine? I can't!!! I caught a cold the day after Christmas and it has been hanging on and hanging on and hanging on. I went to bed at 9 p.m. on New Year's Eve. Missed the ball dropping and everything. So very sad.

Anyway, at some point I am going to take you back to a happier time and post some pictures from California. But right now I am posting a picture of a little burro. I have an affection for burros. Don't ask me why. They are just so stinkin' cute. If I had the time for one, I would probably have one myself. Some day I want to go to Oatman,AZ, and mingle with the wild burros. Wouldn't that be a blast? If any of you have done that, please post a comment to my blog and let me know how much fun it was.

Work is going okay, although we took a cut in pay to "save" the company. Personally, I think they should probably cut the "saviors" and that might help save the company. But at least I have a job in this tough economy. I don't have to find a refrigerator box to live in just yet. Which is a good thing right now because we are getting a bitter cold Artic blast in our region. They predicted a blizzard for the lakeshore today but I guess that might be rescheduled for tomorrow. Although as the temps drop the wind has picked up too. While I am rambling about cold weather, one of my friends at work made jackets for my girls so they can go outside to go to the bathroom without freezing. They are just adorable in their new coats!!! When I get pictures transferred to my computer I will post a picture or two of my babies. Polly, my little model, posed so nice for me. Mabel, my shy girl, really was kind of freaked out by the camera. But I finally got a half way decent picture of her in her jacket.

Well I have probably bored the crap out of you. I will post one more picture for you...from one of my favorite movies.

Have fun and enjoy the pictures!!!

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Toni K said...

I went to Oatman. I have pictures to show you sometime! We saw the burros walk back into the hills at the end of the day too. BTW your blog posts never bore me!