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Monday, February 16, 2009

Another Funny Story About Wyatt

So here is a picture of my boy, Wyatt, on our golf cart. Steve got this cart from his mom before we moved out to the country. Wyatt was not too keen on anything to do with this cart at first, but Steve made him get on the cart once and took him for a ride in our old neighborhood. Well needless to say, Wyatt wanted off as quick as he could. But Steve persisted and got him on the cart the next day and took him for another ride. Well the second ride did hooked Wyatt into wanting a ride anytime he looked at the cart. When we moved, we would take Wyatt out for long rides on the property with the breeze blowing in his face. He loved it. A couple of times he didn't realize that it was a good idea to wait for the cart to stop before exiting and he took a couple of rolls off the cart because there was something on the ground he wanted to pursue. Talk about heart stopping moments. I mean he was up there in age. So when the ride was over we would get off the cart and if Wyatt didn't think the ride was long enough he would wait on the cart and just sit there. Hoping he would get another ride. Or if we were just outside he would eyeball the cart and get on and wait. He was quite the character. I really miss him a lot. I mean really, really miss him A LOT!!!


Stampvanwinkle said...

What a silly guy, This is such a cute picture of Waytt Bevie. I know you miss him. I am so glad that you have your girls to help brighten your days with their love.

Toni K said...

Wyatt was a great dog, and very vocal too. Of course I was a sucker and wanted to give him a treat every time he barked. He was such a big baby. I'm sure you really miss him. He's riding on his own golf cart all day, every day now.