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Sunday, April 19, 2009

My New Hobby

So in case you did not know this about me...I am a crapoholic. I even have a new blog that I am working on so check it out sometime. Anyway I have a passion for buying supplies for whatever hobby I have. Not necessarily actually engaging in the hobby itself but buying lots of supplies for it. Hence, adding to my addiction for a lot of stuff which is what crapoholism is really all about. (Catchy name don't you think?)So my new hobby is digital scrapbooking. My sister bought me a kickass computer program for my birthday. Memory Manager & Storybook Creator 2 from Creative Memories. So since I had the programs and it required more memory than I had on the old POS PC I had before, I bought a laptop. This is something I have wanted to do for the last few years so I am really glad I have it now.

Anyway, back to my new scrapbooking. I absolutely love it!!! My friend Trudy invited me to come over a couple of Fridays ago when Toni was going over to scrap. So I made one page that night of my girls and my head was swimming with information that was immediately sucked into a black hole when the night was over. Last Friday we went to the Creative Memories consultant's house. Sally is awesome and has been doing this for a few years so is very knowledgeable and helpful. We had an awesome evening and I did three whole pages. I did another page yesterday. But I need more embellishments, papers, etc. Luckily for my crapoholic tendencies, all this stuff goes on my computer. Not into boxes in my stamp room. That is a good thing because I have more stuff than I can possibly use in this lifetime and I have to lighten the load very soon so I can move on with my life.


Toni K said...

So happy we are digital. It makes it so much easier to get together to scrapbook when you don't have to haul half the house with you! I'm having so much fun with you, as usual, as you are the queen of the funny! You are simply ad rable!

Bev's Wild Adventures said...

Oh Toni
I love how you said "ad rable". You crack me up and I love it to that we can get together more often to scrapbook. I love it!!!