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Monday, August 24, 2009

What's New???

What's new? Let me tell you that I have been having so many wild adventure that there are too many to tell. (No...just kidding.) I'll give you a brief run down of coming posts...Went to a "free" concert and lost my car in a flood. Had birds in my furnace no air conditioning. Bad storm kicked the crap out of my pole barn and flipped the garage door inside out. Been sorting through crap and throwing things away like crazy. Addicted to Yoville and FarmTown on Facebook...not a good thing although crazy fun. Trying not to let panic get the better of me as I try to decide how the hell I'm going to move out of my house. Yikes...gotta go back to work. Oh time I'll tell you about "The Plan". TTFN...Ta Ta for now...(Pooh).

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