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Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Plan

Can you believe it has been forever since I've posted to my how the time has flown. So anyway since last summer, things have been crazy in my life. I've got a "sweet deal" on a new (used) 2007 Impala. I moved to a cozy little apartment in Holland (which I love!!!). But the best news is that I have devised a plan for me and my sister to get on with our lives.

So anyway, I have always wanted to live in the West. When I was a kid and we would go to California to visit my Grandpa, I would always ask my folks if we could move there because I loved it so much. Then one of my best friends moved to Colorado about 25 or so years ago. I've visited Deb and Gordy many times and love, love, love it out here. Last September, my cousin Tom and his wife, Cindy, moved to the Denver area from the Bay Area in California. Well now that I am single again, why not move out there? I'm not getting any younger. My sister can retired at any time, but if something happens to Holland before that, we have a plan which we have already started to implement.

We are going to sell or donate about 80% of what we own and 90% of our clothing and then move to Colorado. We'll buy a place together and buy only what we need when we get out there. Since Dianne can retire, I'll have to get another job. My dream job would be to fold shirts at Bass Pro Shop. LOL!!! Just this weekend I was at my sister's and I found a "flip-n-fold" under her bed. It's mine now and I can start practicing my shirt folding skills. I am super excited!!!

It will be a long process getting rid of most of our prized possessions. We are both packrats and have way too much stuff. Then to think of my stamping stuff...geezopeets!!! I have a lot of stuff to downsize!!! But I am up to the challenge. I'll keep praying to God that he helps me make the right decisions to reach my goal. If all of you would keep me and my sister in your prayers as well, I would appreciate it.


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Toni K said...

I will miss you more than you know when you leave. I will be lost. I will still fight you on this ;), but I do understand. I guess I'll have to visit Colorado. I've never been there, yet.unsti