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Saturday, June 19, 2010


Well I planned to organize and clean my stamp room today. I ended up sleeping in/dozing until almost 11am. Wild dreams about being in college and sharing a place with 4 other girls. Crazy...I am not in the mood to share my living space with 4 other people. Yikes...where do these dreams come from? Anyway it is now 2:35 pm and I did get my kitchen cleaned which I wanted to do anyway because I want to sort out my stamp sets for sale and put price stickers on them. I figure the kitchen counter will come in handy for that. When I was at my sister's house over Memorial Day, I brought back a third trunk full of stamping/scrapbooking items to consolidate in with mine or sell. I have a lot of my own stuff to sell so we figured we might as well get it all together in one place. Right? Does that sound about right and a damn good plan? Now I am not so sure. This stuff has taken over my house and my stamp room is a mess from stamping in there. I have a terrible bad habit of not putting everything away when I am done with it. Now I will probably have an hour of so of work just to get the supplies I do use all the time put away so I can get at the stuff I want to get rid of. YIKES!!! Why don't I learn that taking 5 minutes to put things away can mean a big difference in my time later?

Last week, my friend, Deb, and I went to a Copic marker class. We had a great time and learned so much about our favorite coloring media. We are now certified with Copic markers. I was very impressed with the class and even more excited about the markers themselves. Great product...pricey but so worth it in the end. I included the logo just to show off. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Anyway...catch ya on the flipside.


cindy said...

Bev, Where are you selling your stuff at? I think I may have bought from you before. Did you sell stuff at a big barn sale in Sparta? I have Copic markers on order so I can start coloring in cool stuff. Do you give classes anywhere? I'd love to connect with you when you get a chance. thanks

Bev's Wild Adventures said...

Hey Cindy
I did have a big barn sale in Sparta. I have since moved to Holland. I have learned a lot about the Copics and could show you some stuff. Otherwise I have a friend in Rockford that is awesome with the markers. Shoot me an email at if you want more info.