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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Memorial Day 2010

Hey y'all. I hope everyone enjoys their day off tomorrow but please take the time to reflect on the true meaning of Memorial Day. Please remember our veterans that helped to keep our country free.

Anyway..I'm home from vacation at my sister's. We pretty much dejunked her bedroom and linen closet over the course of a week but her bedroom is full already. Just not overflowing like it was. I hope it lights a fire under her butt so that she keeps cleaning without me being there with her. It is my only hope if I want to move to Colorado with her in the next year or so. If she doesn't get her butt in gear, I may be moving there myself. Her house is in such chaos, it pains me to see her live that way.

So on the brighter side of things, we had a great day at Bass Pro Shop yesterday. We had a great fish and chips dinner there and I found some shorts, a top, a small cooler, and a couple of necklaces to buy. Oh yeah...bought some dog treats for the girls too. After that we went to Cel's house to teach Cel, Carol and Darlene how to knit. They are all friends of my sister's from Holland. After an agonizing long hour of trying to teach the girls how to knit, Cel announced that we should play dominoes. So out came the box of dominoes and I learned how to play Mexican Train Dominoes and we had a great time. Then Cel and Ted served up a huge meal of rib-eye steak, ribs, baked potatoes, baked beans, salad, and taffy apple salad. We were simply stuffed.

During dinner the Black Hawks hockey game was on and Carol told me about one of the players having seven teeth knocked out in one of their last games and he only lost five minutes of play time. They shot him up with Novocain and he went back out on the ice. I commented that "that makes my asshole pucker up just thinking about it" before I realized what I was saying. Of course we were sitting at a table with everyone being related to trucking but I think I shocked some of them. Ted said "Well can't add much to that, can we?" Carol mentioned that actually that's how she felt too but just didn't realize it. We had a great time at dinner with good friends. Wish I would have taken my camera to get pictures of everyone for posterity sake.