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Sunday, December 19, 2010


So really no new babble since last week.  My sister is coming into town today for Christmas.  She has three weeks of vacation.  Lucky b*tch.  Since she is coming, I spent yesterday getting ready for her arrival. I had to wrap gifts.  I even wrapped a bunch of cheesy USF Holland stuff that I bought at the big sale on Friday at work.  Then I stepped into my stamp room to get some stuff under control in there so we can put her dog in there when we let my girls out.  Oh yeah, we have to keep the battling bitches  separated since Polly and Stitch agree to disagree and we can't afford too many more $100 vet bills when they do get together.   Even though I had all damn day to get into my stamp room, I finally stumbled in there about 8 pm.  I got sucked into Pawn Stars on TV.  Oh yeah then Brad Metzer's Decoded came on so I had to watch that.  Then Funniest Commercials 2010 was on.  How could I not watch that?

After I did get into my stamp room, I pretty much embraced it and got into the swing of putting stuff away and piling up stuff I want my sister to look at to see about donating or selling.  Polly came and checked on me a couple of times and I had to take her out but after I got done piling up crap, I sat down at my desk and worked on organizing the stamps that I took off of the wood and put on cling foam.  I also worked on my "stamp catalog".  I am working on my own catalog that I'll  be able to look through so  I can see what stamps I have for whatever project I want do.  Hopefully, some stamps sets won't be forgotten or over looked any longer.  It's a big endeavor but I know if I work at it a little at a time, I can get it done.  Or if Deb comes over she can tweak her nose and it will be done even quicker.  LOL.  Last night I got six stamp sets done in about a 1/2 hour.  The hard part for me is walking away from the TV and getting to it.

Well enough babble for now. Again I have to walk away from the TV.  CBS Sunday Morning (my favorite Sunday TV show) is over so I can go take a shower.  TTYS.

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Toni K said...

I always watch Sunday Morning too if I remember.
You'll get there with all of your stamping stuff.
And I totally understand how hard it is to walk away from the tv. I have the same problem with my laptop damn it!