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Monday, December 13, 2010


Yes once again, it's a new edition of "WTH"!!!  So today is Monday, the day after the massive snow storm we were supposed to get this past weekend.  Well it only turned out to be a fart in a windstorm for Michigan.  Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, and just about every place else got wicked bad weather but we got nothing.  Oh sure, Saturday it rained all day and was probably close to 40 degrees.  So it became a sloppy mess on the roads in the apartment complex.  Melted a lot of the snow that we got last week.  Saturday night is spit a little snow at us but the TV news guys were still forecasting blizzard like conditions.  Didn't get the snow so much here in Holland, but the temperature dropped quite a bit in a few hours.  Got down in the teens and very windy for a time.  So all the slush on the roads turned to solid crappy ice.  Luckily there are some clear spots so I can take the dogs to the dog walk area.

Because of the impending blizzard my plans were called off.  My stamping girls were going to get together for Christmas but we called it.  So I planned on getting some stuff done but I made the mistake of sitting in front of the boob tube.  Mythbusters was on and they were busting a myth about a blind guy driving a car and got arrested for drunk driving because the guy telling how to drive was drunk.  It was hilarious.  After that was done I turned the channel and Untold Stories of the ER was on.  So I got sucked into a spell and watched it for three hours.  Great stories.  I think the best was the guy that was brought into the ER because he had taken "performance enhancing" drugs and was "saluting"  for five hours.  He was in great pain and had his woman at his side.  Well that is until his wife showed up.  Pretty funny stuff!!!  It was kind of like a train wreck and I couldn't look away.

Minnesota had record snow fall. So much so that the Metrodome's roof (something like that where the Vikings play football) collapsed.  They had to reschedule the game for today in Detroit where the Lions play.  So about 4:30 or so this afternoon, my boss comes running into our office to tell us that we got a pickup called in at the Pontiac Silverdome to pick up a piece of roofing for the Metrodome.  Woo-hoo!!!  HOLLAND swoops in to save the day!!!

So that's my first installment of  "WTH...New Week!!!"  Stay tuned.  Maybe I can delight you with more babble later.  Bye.  Thanks for stopping by.


Toni K said...

You make me laugh! I read parts of your post to Cam and he laughed too. That's not easy to do ;) I'm so bummed we missed our get together :( Soon my friend. Hugs

Stampvanwinkle said...

Oh Girl, you just crack me up.
We will get together soon. Can't wait to see you. Have a wonderful day.
Love you,


P.S. Step away from the TV. That's it nice and easy, Good. See I new you could do it. :)