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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bentley's Tails!!!

Hey Everyone...I received an email from my friend Debbie in Denver about her darling little bundle of fur, Bentley.  This is too hiliarous not to post.  Keep in mind that Bentley loves to sleep.  As a matter of fact that's all he would do when we were hanging out at their house.  I am just copying and pasting this from Debbie's email to me.   I hope you enjoy it!!!

Okay, so you know our sweet little Bentley hates to be left home alone.  Every time we return home Bentley spends a minimum of 5 minutes whining, crying, jumping up and down and licking our faces because he is so happy to have us home.  He makes us feel so guilty we hate to leave. 
We have been wondering exactly what he does while we are gone?  Does he sit by the door crying?  Does he take a nap?  Last night we decided to set up the video camera so we could see and hear what he does in our absence.  We were gone for about 3 hours and when we got home Bentley went through his routine of jumping up and down, licking our faces, whining and crying.  We walked into the kitchen and I noticed the camera had tipped over.  I didn't think anything of it and started to watch the video.  I was relieved to see that he does not whine or cry when we are gone, and I could hear that he was walking around the kitchen and occasionally playing with his ball that makes noises.  The video is pretty boring and I was thinking about shutting it off when all of a sudden I see these black legs walking in front of the camera!   Did I mention that we set the camera up on the kitchen counter?  Bentley had somehow managed to jump up on the counter and he was checking it out!  I couldn't believe my eyes!  I had 4 or 5 animal crackers in a small bowl and he enjoyed snacking on them.  He walked back and forth across the counter several times and even got down and back up on the counter a couple of times.  We were so shocked that our "little angel" was having so much fun in our absence! 
On his 3rd trip on the counter he tipped the camera over so were were not able to see how many times he was up there throughout the evening, but we laughed all evening over the "little darling's" antics.  When the cat's away the mouse will play. So now we are on to his little games and he won't be able to make us feel quite so bad when we have t leave him at home.  We have also learned that we need to make sure the bar stools are pushed in so he won't be able to get on the counter quite so easily.
We can't believe he had us so convinced that he grieves all the while we are gone.  Quite the contrary, he has a pretty good time checking out things he would never do when we are home.
Thought you would get a laugh out of this!

Thanks for the update on your little darlin', Deb.  I really enjoyed it.  I hope the rest of you do too.

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